Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ghajini Vs Corporate work life - A lesson from Short term memory loss!!!

:-) see I have started my post with the smile... cos I try to find some sort of message from any movie I watch (may be not always) but at least from Amir's movie, I know he is perfectionist and believe he will have some message from the movie he act like say for example RDB (Rang de basante) and TZP (Tare Zameen Per).

Well I had a similar mind set while I went on to movie to watch it, by the end of the movie I ended up in no message ;-) .. HOWEVER .. I still found one after I reached home... through Short Term Memory Loss!!! Lol...

Yeah Short term Memory loss...

Do you remember I have written couple of my previous post exactly or similar on the memory :-)

1. Oh Gosh!!! It’s very difficult for me to remember all I need to do... (Memory loss you see)
2. How do I Optimize My work to remember what I need to do!!! (Over coming memory loss)

Well this movie is somewhere relates to the posts I have written. ..

If you want to show perfection at your work and perfect follow ups and speed up your process then WORK LIKE SANJAY SINGANIYA (its Amir's name in movie Ghajini)

Let me explain...

He has short term memory loss in the movie (like we everyone has in ourselves absent minded you see ...) so how do you over come with absent minded. You need to follow Sanjay (Amir)

Truly... lessons are
    1. Always have a note on what you did
    2. Always set timeline for what you do.
    3. Always record on what action you do.
    4. Always follow-up on what you have noted.
    5. Always find the link to reach your goal.
    6. Last but not least... Hard Work & Focus!!!!
    This is what exactly in the Film Ghajini project to take his revenge on killer of his girl friend and now you need to do similarly the same... you girl friend is your goal and revenge is your objective... and you are the tool.

    Just to throw a light of the comparison... with movie - Ghajini and Corporate life growth...

    1. Always have a note on what you did

    Amir always takes up the note on every action he does so that he should remember everything and goes along the track!!

    we need to do exactly similar in the work place take a note on what you do, how you do and fix your alerts and calendar to achieve it.

    2. Always set timeline for what you do.

    Amir's sets the timeline on what to kill his enemy and now you need to do the same :-) when to kill your boss have a timeline to it (just kidding ;-) ...)

    Have a timeline fixed timeline not adjustable or Indian timeline (you know what I mean) to achieve short term agenda's

    3. Always record on what action you do.

    Well Amir's takes photo of each person he kills and mark it as done when he finishes them and even if he wants to remember a friend.

    Do it similar, document it anything you do any project you do so that it can be reused to see it in future.

    4. Always follow-up on what you have noted.

    Well Amir will have a follow up note on what to do next and whom to kill, see you got it... do the same... have follow up remember i explain in my previous post !!

    5. Always find the link to reach your goal.

    As Amir always used to find some sort of clue to find Ghajini and he will proceed,

    That’s where you are... Every action you do will be counted to your growth and every project you do every activities you do will be added to you KPI ;-)... you know better what is KPI is..

    6. Last but not least... Hard work & Focus!!!!

    Though Amir's body is projected for a very short screens or moments... he have worked hard continuously for an year to gain that body... it will never come in over night or just like that .. It requires consistency and commitment.

    This part doesn’t need explanation for any corporate... self explanatory isn’t it.

    Hmmm go-ahead watch out for movie...

    I would give it a 2.5 * out of 5... In that 1.5 is for Amir and 1 is for director if you take out Amir then there is nothing left... one who have watched Tamil Ghajini might not like it .. It’s balanced...

    Keep rocking Keep commenting... ;-) and please keep talking...

    It’s Pradeep SV.

    Monday, December 15, 2008

    How do I Optimize My work to rememeber What I need to do !!!

    It's a part II of the my previous post - "Oh Gosh !!! its very difficult for me to remember all I need to do .."

    If you have not read my last post please do and then go-ahead with this one to get the link back ... :)

    So... coming back to me... 

    Here are some of the basic things I do in office to remember what i need to work and this technique might be helpful just in case if you are like me...

    1. I will make mails as follow up (as soon as I read mail if I need to follow up that mail then I will mark it as follow up, that dumps the mail in the follow-up folder which highlights for me  to check and follow through)
    2. I will block my calendar (If that follow up comes under three days ago, or month ago or older I will drag and drop to calendar and block my calendar so that I need to work on that on mail at that time .. there is no other go I have finish that)
    3. Write the To Do list - Dusvedaniya (soon I come to office first thing I do is make a list of things I need to do for that day, and I will make sure I will finish that work before I leave home, trust me even if I want to read any article I will block my calendar)
    4. Update agenda on the meetings (before I sent out any mail I will update agenda or if I had just sent a meeting request  with the general discussion say for example task review meeting then I will send out the request with or without agenda however in the meantime I will keep updating topics I have to discuss in the meeting schedule on my calendar so that I can discuss all that’s in the list while I am in the call/meeting.
    5. Meeting note on one note - Thanks to Microsoft very excellent tool to make a note of the calendar I would recommend everyone to make use of one note to make the meeting note.

    Most important things... I forgot to mention its 1 hour drive to office from my home... so what i should do so that i should not just kill my time driving... Ting!!! Idea (This phrase I learnt from the those beautiful people I had interacted in past and a permanent thread keep running still in the back of my mind always) So in the busy days we get less time to interact with the people around us, we never even call to close family people and friends for months sometime .. everyday while go to office I call all of them who I think I should keep in touch (Except some which I cannot call even though I want to) hmmm  I get happy talking, and making sure I am in touch, well .. 

    I am polling my car from someday... so i need to thing of some other alternative now so that not to kill time just talking with my friend while drving (yeah somtime i drive and many times him - i hate driving in traffic you see) so again Ting Idea !!! .. I have mentioned him to bring one everyday one article on Web analytics (our core expertise) and read out explain and discuss till we reach office whoever not driving... (Me now ;-) ...)

    Take Aways!!

    • Always make To Do it list (or do it list)
    • Reduce traffic (by Pooling Car -
    • Do not waste the time - Keep thing and extract best out of it.
    • Do multi tasking (keep watching TV while you do other work ;-)..)
    • Rest pleas comment if you read my blog.

    Hey... I am getting sleep... Good I god time to write something today... its Sunday... night I will publish this once I have a spell check... i am very bad in spelling... 

    Good night and bye to CNN IBN (I was watching news along me write ;-)  ....)

    It’s Pradeep SV for you...

    Some of the Memory releated article which you might like 

    12 Memory Tricks

    Fear you're losing your marbles? Try these memory tricks

    Oh Gosh !!! its very difficult for me to remember all I need to do ..

    Yeah, it’s been very problem for me to remember all I wanted to do, yesterday today or tomorrow, oops!!! Sometime I have great absent mind... 

    You don’t believe, I went outside my home... and I wanted to lock the door, instead of getting the key I brought Tata Sky remote along with me .. Shoooot !!!... why did I brought remote along with me... 

    I normally keep my company ID on the dashboard of my car, hmmm not sometime but many time I park my car and I just went out and after reaching the entrance and the moment I know I need to swipe my card .. Shiiitt !!!! Not again... I will go back to get my card... I hate myself many times... 

    So much so... I fear sometime... I should not bring just laptop bag to office being laptop left back at home. .. lol  hehehe .. 

    Well that have not happened yet... manytime my colleagues say you should keep a personal assistant for you to remind your activities... hmmm Ting whenever they say personal secreretry... my dil gose .. Hmmm hmm... oops. Come back Pradeep :-)

    Ok... now... I was reading Bangalore Mirror, on Sunday night watching Oye Friday. (That’s my favorite show... and my another favorite show is "Still moving Keep Shaking ") anyways. I come across an article which said "Don’t Forget me” that said "Do you feel you are turning forgetful by the day? Try these simple tricks and boost your memory" oops... i thought it will help me... you see what the list says

    1. Make a List (I have been doing. I will explain about it)
    2. Sukoku (I hate it cos I am poor it in)
    3. Coin Capers (this is scrap)
    4. Chocoloate Power(each lot of choco's - gosh !!!)
    5. Go Play (This is cool - but its a recession time we should not play :( )
    6. Remember Why (This is the trick)
    7. Cards are good (We should know how to play)
    8. Power Nap (hmm after the noon meal in office would love to)
    9. Make a Game (Same we are playing in our life )
    10. Take a Walk (we do take every now and then for a coffee break)

    You know what... let me explain a footage (the word i learnt by seeing Big Boss on Color TV) which happened in my office... I was asking my colleagues to bring a Gaming CD (Age of Empire - the only game I liked till today and played completely many times) and he never brought it and he kept forgetting it... i had given the idea also I said .. "Please take a snap of mine and make it as your phone desktop wallpaper so that every time you see me... you will remember AOE..." hehehee hai na good idea... 

    Well that didn’t worked... so I had decided another idea... every morning I came to office the first thing I started doing is. I went to him and said... "Hey Mr. Age of Empire !!, How are you doing today?" hmm you know what... the idea worked out after 9th day of regular wish... ;-) believe me I got the CD...

    Read my next post ....

    Tuesday, December 09, 2008

    Its a auspicious time - its Great Shrasti Day !!!

    I am hardly aware of this procession near my home .. I should not talk if I don't know much about giving the false information

    The one I know is,
    1. There will a nice beautiful Silver chariot which carries god for procession.
    2. The procession will be till 10 PM at night.
    3. There will be lot of things to eat different things so many Varity (I had my dinner before I go there so couldn't enjoy much of the food there as I was unaware of these different kind of food)
    4. Lot lot of people will accumulate to see and pray for god.
    5. Crowd will be religion free, all the community people will gather there to see a spectacular view of chariot and god decorations.
    6. This took place in Sajanrao Circle.
    Please add your comments if i have mentioned anything wrong
    And here are the few snaps I was able to take and that is it I know .. 

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    My way of thinking or Imagining Advanced Telivision (TV) like HP TouchSmart

    hmmmm again .. I start thinking when I feel that i need more, to be more specific I start thinking of advanced features when I am actually very lazy .. dreams never burns out you see .. either it will be consistent or exponential, in my case its sinusoidal ;-) sometime or most of the time or never :-) (thats my mind says...)

    Well If i start writing exactly all the what my mind is saying then even i will never understand what i said if I read the same post later in time .. :) why later .. even if i read after few hours ;-)

    So .. in morining i was watching my beloved TV (I die for my TV its my moster TV :) and i love my TV more then my fridge ;) ... ) Well i have Sony Bravia monster telivision stilll .. look at the dream or desier to have more and more features to make me more lazy and comfort.

    I was wataching ad of Tata Sky and it says .. you can recored programmes and even you can pause live match, well .. I will be in office in day .. then how would i record todays show when i am in office .. see .. Need #1 I SHOULD BE ABLE TO PROGRAM MY TV SO THAT I RECORDS WHATEVER PROGRAM I MENTIONED IN THE MENU WHEN I AM NOT AT HOME SO THAT I CAN COME BACK AND WATCH THE SAME :) is it a needed one :)

    However i should not get so much confused to program it .. thats when HP touch Smart comes in picture., my remote should have LCD and drag and drop options, like you see .. it show all todays programmes and there should be a basket where i can drag and drop into the basket so that i should record all inside that basket.

    I have 5 remotes in my home, i should have somthing one common touch screen remote which controls all my gadgets like Speakers, Tata Sky, TV, DVD player and my Play station (if any ;-)..)

    Have a looka the touch smart you will get lot of idea click here

    ok, i need to start working now .. before that just a wrap up in bulleted points what i think in need in TV
    1. Huge memory space to recored all the programmes
    2. Internet connection to download movies
    3. Touchsmart type of remote to operate/sehedule programmes
    4. One touch or one stop remote for all gadgets
    5. wireless connecting speakers
    6. wireless connect power cord
    7. foldable screen for TV so that i can wrap my TV and take it whichever room i want all remote you see.
    8. vioce recoginition technology just in case if i am lazy using touchsmart remote ;-)
    9. please comment if anyone of you think there is more you can imangine
    Some of pic's of my Sony Bravia

    My TV Specifications ;-) W Series - KLV-40W400A

    Chioooo .. and keep rocking !!!!

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Pradeep SV: Redefining My Blog Objective

    Today while coming to office, I was thinking about this blog ( I have left completely idle from last few months, and also i was thinking about on what intent i had started this blog, what was the objective of it, My profile or the field I am working right now since last 3+ years i,e Web Analytics are has changed the way i think... Seriously believe me .. I always think how organized i can work or execute whatever i do (doesn't i never used to think before, it has thoughts and thinking has increased and striving to accuracy), it can be writing blog, cooking at home, cleaning my room, planning for a weekend, i want to be perfect and extract best of it.

    I always ask myself what is the objective of what i am doing and how do you measure success, sometime i give the name "passion" if i don't find any objective behind it ;-) say for example buying an iPhone (though i use phone just for talking why do i need high end phone isn't it passion - i never bought yet thats a different story ;-) ) there are may of this sort which we normally tag it with passion.

    Ooppss .. i easily go out of focus .. yeah i was talking about the reach or the context of this blog, until today i used to put all what i read anywhere it may be (copy paste) and what I observe (my own) and what i see interesting (usually copy paste) didn't had anything in my mind earlier and today i am thinking i should have something as objective and serve some purpose today or later at least to one person (me ;-) ..).

    I am thinking it doesn't any specific audience in my mind except me, my friends, my dear and near one's, all those what want to know what my minds thinking and last but not the least FOR THOSE ONE WHO HATE ME (trust me i never hated you and i still love you and love you all)

    So, thats the short update and decided to keep everything aside and just talk or write "WHATEVER MY MIND SPEAKS" i really want to document what I think and every moment and see how the change has occurred? How I could change to make myself better?, what I could have done to make it move on my way or smoother.

    • I am redefining my blogs objective
    • I will be writing whatever my mind speaks and thinks (May be not all but what i can share)
    • I will write all my observations, my experience my thoughts.
    • I promise it will not hurts anyone's feeling while I write anything on anybody

    Please Note: Whatever I write is not anyone’s perspective or solely my personal views, and it not written to hurt anyone’s feelings or anyone’s mind sets, Just in case un-knowingly if I had written anything odd or which obstructs anyone's perspective please do send me a mail to and I will remove the post/words if I feel its genuine.

    Some of the Blot Stats till today before I leave

    I will update this as an when I feel it has to be changed to make it better.

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Bangalore Bomb Blast ......

    Hey I just got the news there is bomb blash in two places in bangalore - India, Mysore road and Madiwala ..2 dead .. i will udpate it further as i get the news

    Friday, June 27, 2008

    Microsoft's founder and head Bill Gates steps down

    The founder and head of Microsoft, the world's largest software company Bill Gates steps down on Friday.

    One of the richest men in the world, Gates will now work full time for his charitable organization The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    The 52-year-old will continue to be chairman though, but will only retain a nominal role in the software empire.

    He is still is the biggest shareholder of the company and his 8.7 per cent stake in Microsoft is worth about 23 billion dollars.

    Gates authored the personal computer revolution three decades ago when he founded Microsoft along with his friend Paul Allen.

    It is almost unthinkable that any one human could pick up where BillGates leaves off when he ends his full-time tenure Friday as Microsoft's leader.

    But as Gates bones up on epidemiology at his charitable foundation, the software company he built with a mix of visionary manifestos and extreme hands-on management must still wake up Monday to face hard problems even he could not solve. Among them: beating Google Inc. on the Web while fending off its attacks on desktop computing.

    When Microsoft Corp. announced in 2006 that Gates planned to go part-time as board chairman, so he could spend more time on his global health charity, it named two senior executives to guide the company's overall technical direction.

    Gates' recent remarks, however, indicate Microsoft is looking to a much larger group of employees for big-picture guidance and long-term planning. But it's not yet clear whether the company can replicate his thinking with more traditional corporate processes or whether it should even be trying.

    From Microsoft's start in 1975, Gates has been the company's genius programmer, its technology guru, its primary decision maker and its ruthless and competitive leader.

    He would famously disappear into the solitude of a country cabin to digest employee-written papers and ponder the future of the industry, then emerge with manifestos, including the 1995 ''Internet Tidal Wave'' memo, that could shift the focus of the entire company.

    He is credited by analysts and academics for the emergence of software as a moneymaking industry; previously it had been a pastime for hobbyists or a subset of the hardware sector. He is revered by many engineers, despite his propensity to fling expletives at underlings whose ideas he scorned. And he has built Microsoft into a hugely successful monopoly that has only grown stronger despite major losses in antitrust trials in the US and Europe. More on IBN News ;-)

    Thursday, June 26, 2008


    At last long awaited iPhone is in India now where we can buy legally ;-) ... LOSER !! Grey iPhone users ;-) hehehe

    Cheers !!! I have already booked it .. and you too GO GET IT (Use Mastercard lol )

    Saturday, May 31, 2008

    छोडो न मुझे यूं बेकरार सा

    I am so fascinated about this song that i should write this in Hindi......

    छोडो न मुझे यूं बेकरार सा
    कर भी दो इजहार तुम अपने प्यार का
    तुम्हारे दिल की है ये मंजिल मेरा दीवाना दिल
    बोलो तुम बोलो
    हो ओ हो ओ
    कर दोगे इनकार टू जी न पायेंगे
    जो कर दोगे इकरार टू मर ही जायेंगे
    तुम्हारे दिल की है ये मंजिल मेरा दीवाना दिल
    बोलो तुम बोलो
    हो ओ हो ओ येः

    इतने पराये जो हो तुम पहले कभी भी न थे
    मेरे जहाँ में घमों की हो
    तुम टू वजह ही नहीं थे
    दिल से मेरे तुम ख़ुद को निकालो
    या फिर मुझे ही अपना बना लो
    बोलो तुम बोलो
    हो ओ हो ओ

    खोयी खोयी ज़िंदगी की
    राहों में अब आ भी जाओ
    जो तुम नहीं आना चाहो मुझको ही पास बुलाओ
    कब तक जियेंगे ऐसे बताओ
    मुझको नहीं तुम आजमाओ
    बोलो तुम बोलो
    ओ ओ हो ओ
    छोडो न मुझे यूं बेकरार सा
    छोडो न मुझे हूँ
    कर भी दो इजहार तुम अपने प्यार का
    तुम्हारे दिल की है ये मंजिल मेरा दीवाना दिल
    बोलो तुम बोलो
    हो ओ हो ओ हो ओ हो ओ

    Arun Sarin's Vodafone legacy STEPS DOWN !!!!

    News that Vodafone's worldwide boss Arun Sarin will step down in July came as a bit of a surprise, but from a personal point of view his timing is perfect.

    He leaves as Vodafone posts a full-year profit of a whopping 6.6 billion pounds and Vodafone benefits reaps the rewards of its move into emerging markets like India, which has propped up the company's growth rate.

    It was a different story a couple of years ago, when Sarin was weathering a shareholder tussle to get rid of him. Some of Vodafone's influential shareholders were frustrated that Sarin, who took the role as CEO in July 2003, hadn't outlined a plan to deal with flagging growth in Vodafone's stronghold - Europe.

    There were some nasty headlines at the time and the crisis threatened to split the company's upper management. In a shareholder vote at the time 10 per cent of ballots were cast against Sarin. But the board backed him, and a good move that has turned out to be.

    When I saw Sarin speak at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona last February he stole the show with his articulate vision for entering emerging markets - in Vodafone's case, India and Turkey in particular. India has been the real success story for Vodafone and now the company has its eye on expanding its presence in China - the other booming mobile market.

    That's his real legacy - taking the plunge into new markets, spending big to do so and ensuring Vodafone executes well in those markets.

    He's also been responsible for steering Vodafone away from a mobile-only strategy to one where the company has admitted it needs to be in the fixed-line broadband game as well. You don't have to go further than New Zealand to see evidence of that.

    Vodafone's purchase of ihug in 2006 was one of the early signs that the worldwide group planned on becoming a full service provider offering triple-play offerings under the Vodafone banner. Other investments in broadband operators around the world has re-inforced that strategy.

    Sarin only visited New Zealand twice on short trips. Herald Business editor Liam Dann interviewed him on his last trip here in March when Sarin was given an official welcome at the airport and met with the prime minister.

    "New Zealand is leading the parade within the Vodafone family in terms of taking us to the world we are going to." Sarin told Dann.

    Where Sarin's track record hasn't been so good is in innovating on services and picking winners in Vodafone's core mobile market. He panned the iPhone before this year signing a deal to bring the phone to ten countries through Vodafone.

    Rival mobile operators have gained ground on Vodafone in the most competitive markets through the introduction of attractive all-you-can-eat data plans, strategic mobile phone handset partnerships and by doing away with the walled-garden approach to mobile content epitomised by the Vodafone Live portal.

    Still, for a 53 year old CEO who has weathered some rough times at Vodafone, now is a good time to go out. The British press has come to the conclusion that Sarin is quitting while he's ahead. It's hard to come to any other conclusion than that.

    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Did you know? - Why do some of my search results say 'This site may harm your computer?'

    Google want its users to feel safe when they search the web, and continuously working to identify dangerous sites and increase protection for our users. This warning message appears with search results we've identified as sites that may install malicious software on users computer:

    Malware warning

    If you click the title of the result, you'll be shown the following warning rather than being taken immediately to the webpage in question:

    Malware warning page

    You can choose to continue to the site at your own risk. However, please be aware that malicious software is often installed without your knowledge or permission when you visit these sites, and can include programs that delete data on your computer, steal personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers, or alter your search results. For more information on these types of sites, please visit

    If one of these sites downloads malicious software onto your computer, please read our additional information about reporting these sites and removing the software from your system.

    If you're the administrator of a site we've identified with this warning message, please visit the instructions found in our Webmaster Help Center to resolve the problem. Note that in some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.