Wednesday, February 03, 2010

BSNL Internet Broadband SUCK....

Just have a look at the number I have started calling from morning to get my internet broadband working...and it’s still not working …

By the way I have already lodged my complaint through 18004241600 (One more twist here on the BSNL Website they have given the number as 16004241600 which never turns up as right number for broadband issues)

Once after complaint lodged no response from 2 days.

Someone from customer care tells to call - 26751111

Then again he gives another number after dialing couple of times - 26740400

Then again one more number - 26740300

Then after calling for 11 times in 1 hour I get the response Manjula madam is not in the seat..... Call after 1 hour

Then again after trying 8 times in 45 min I get a response "why don’t you come to office and talk with Manjula madam"... (Who the hell is this manjula!!!..... )

Later I got the number of manula madam :) I still not lost my hopes you see... - 20129532 - she is the one who manages 1000s of internet connection for faults... shoooot... one lady for whole lot of connections.

interesting thing now when I get to call manjula madam - listen to her response ..."I cannot fix it today, as I was in your area till now and right now I am far away from office and your area I cannot come back again" I politely response I can pick you and drop to the same place once my internet got fixed or please arrange for any other alternate person who I can pick him up for fix.. ... She hangs up the phone....

Again after calling several time for exchange... i have received higher authority number this time its Gayathi madam ... :)... - 26749193

She said there are 2 lines one cannot be fixed and other I need to give a try and she took my number saying she will call me back... till now no reponse.........

Jai BSNL ...Mera Bharat Mahan ... (It happens only in India)