Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Gosh !!! its very difficult for me to remember all I need to do ..

Yeah, it’s been very problem for me to remember all I wanted to do, yesterday today or tomorrow, oops!!! Sometime I have great absent mind... 

You don’t believe, I went outside my home... and I wanted to lock the door, instead of getting the key I brought Tata Sky remote along with me .. Shoooot !!!... why did I brought remote along with me... 

I normally keep my company ID on the dashboard of my car, hmmm not sometime but many time I park my car and I just went out and after reaching the entrance and the moment I know I need to swipe my card .. Shiiitt !!!! Not again... I will go back to get my card... I hate myself many times... 

So much so... I fear sometime... I should not bring just laptop bag to office being laptop left back at home. .. lol  hehehe .. 

Well that have not happened yet... manytime my colleagues say you should keep a personal assistant for you to remind your activities... hmmm Ting whenever they say personal secreretry... my dil gose .. Hmmm hmm... oops. Come back Pradeep :-)

Ok... now... I was reading Bangalore Mirror, on Sunday night watching Oye Friday. (That’s my favorite show... and my another favorite show is "Still moving Keep Shaking ") anyways. I come across an article which said "Don’t Forget me” that said "Do you feel you are turning forgetful by the day? Try these simple tricks and boost your memory" oops... i thought it will help me... you see what the list says

  1. Make a List (I have been doing. I will explain about it)
  2. Sukoku (I hate it cos I am poor it in)
  3. Coin Capers (this is scrap)
  4. Chocoloate Power(each lot of choco's - gosh !!!)
  5. Go Play (This is cool - but its a recession time we should not play :( )
  6. Remember Why (This is the trick)
  7. Cards are good (We should know how to play)
  8. Power Nap (hmm after the noon meal in office would love to)
  9. Make a Game (Same we are playing in our life )
  10. Take a Walk (we do take every now and then for a coffee break)

You know what... let me explain a footage (the word i learnt by seeing Big Boss on Color TV) which happened in my office... I was asking my colleagues to bring a Gaming CD (Age of Empire - the only game I liked till today and played completely many times) and he never brought it and he kept forgetting it... i had given the idea also I said .. "Please take a snap of mine and make it as your phone desktop wallpaper so that every time you see me... you will remember AOE..." hehehee hai na good idea... 

Well that didn’t worked... so I had decided another idea... every morning I came to office the first thing I started doing is. I went to him and said... "Hey Mr. Age of Empire !!, How are you doing today?" hmm you know what... the idea worked out after 9th day of regular wish... ;-) believe me I got the CD...

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