Monday, October 20, 2008

Pradeep SV: Redefining My Blog Objective

Today while coming to office, I was thinking about this blog ( I have left completely idle from last few months, and also i was thinking about on what intent i had started this blog, what was the objective of it, My profile or the field I am working right now since last 3+ years i,e Web Analytics are has changed the way i think... Seriously believe me .. I always think how organized i can work or execute whatever i do (doesn't i never used to think before, it has thoughts and thinking has increased and striving to accuracy), it can be writing blog, cooking at home, cleaning my room, planning for a weekend, i want to be perfect and extract best of it.

I always ask myself what is the objective of what i am doing and how do you measure success, sometime i give the name "passion" if i don't find any objective behind it ;-) say for example buying an iPhone (though i use phone just for talking why do i need high end phone isn't it passion - i never bought yet thats a different story ;-) ) there are may of this sort which we normally tag it with passion.

Ooppss .. i easily go out of focus .. yeah i was talking about the reach or the context of this blog, until today i used to put all what i read anywhere it may be (copy paste) and what I observe (my own) and what i see interesting (usually copy paste) didn't had anything in my mind earlier and today i am thinking i should have something as objective and serve some purpose today or later at least to one person (me ;-) ..).

I am thinking it doesn't any specific audience in my mind except me, my friends, my dear and near one's, all those what want to know what my minds thinking and last but not the least FOR THOSE ONE WHO HATE ME (trust me i never hated you and i still love you and love you all)

So, thats the short update and decided to keep everything aside and just talk or write "WHATEVER MY MIND SPEAKS" i really want to document what I think and every moment and see how the change has occurred? How I could change to make myself better?, what I could have done to make it move on my way or smoother.

  • I am redefining my blogs objective
  • I will be writing whatever my mind speaks and thinks (May be not all but what i can share)
  • I will write all my observations, my experience my thoughts.
  • I promise it will not hurts anyone's feeling while I write anything on anybody

Please Note: Whatever I write is not anyone’s perspective or solely my personal views, and it not written to hurt anyone’s feelings or anyone’s mind sets, Just in case un-knowingly if I had written anything odd or which obstructs anyone's perspective please do send me a mail to and I will remove the post/words if I feel its genuine.

Some of the Blot Stats till today before I leave

I will update this as an when I feel it has to be changed to make it better.