Monday, July 13, 2009


I still remember the days i used to spend in one my uncles (Dr GM Kudari, He is a well known cardiologist in Mysore) place one of the best time i had, I had no other work there other then watching TV, cooking and reading newspapers i enjoyed all the tree.

My uncle used to read many newspapers one in which he used spend lot of time is "The Economic Times" I used to wonder why he would read so much in that paper where there is no good photos and news, cos my favorite section in news paper is "Bangalore Times" (An additional attach comes with "Times of India") cos i love to read and see bollywood news

This was the short story back in 1994 - 1996 (times of my 12th standard)

Recently, there is so much of talks about recession, economy slow down, US markets, BSE Sensex (Down to 8+ thousands), NSE, GDP Etc. Etc

Talks like, Sensex is going down and down day by day and it might reach as below 6k, GDP is raising all time high, people of lost crores of rupees in stock market, and more importantly one of my friend lost a nominal big amount in share trading - these multiple hits of those news created some sort of curiosity to know about whats these all about.

I think this is the transformation stage where I myself created so much curious to know about it more and more.

I quickly got one trading account from Karvy (

Well, It does helps in many ways, keep track of economy not only India but also US, cos whenever there is drop in US Market next day you see the same down trend in India Stock market.

Anyways Now i am newbie in this field and so excited to learn and know and ultimately make money out of it..

My logic is quite simple, if you open and FD (Fixed Deposit) Account max you might get 10% for 365 days, in the worst case i would be expecting to make 10% of invested money in 1 year.

To be honest i strongly anticipate you will definitely can make your money group much more in the shorter period, keep in mind you should have patience and place your money smartly.

As I said above heir no harm for 10% of your invested money for sure if you invest for long term.

Invest Carefully, Start with Less do not hurry, take decision wisely.

Do not dream for big, Go Steady..

Happy Trading..

Cheers and keep rocking and keep making money its all Business EOD

Pradeep SV

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