Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Microsoft's New Search Engine Challenges Google

Microsoft has launched a new search engine that it says is better and faster than previous versions and will give Google a run for its money, reports PC Mag. The beta version of the engine is set to debut at, as is a Windows Live Toolbar beta. "To say we'll get to overall number one in a few months is a bit bold," Microsoft Microsoft Search Senior Product Manager Justin Osmer is quoted as saying. "But, maybe we'll be number one in some market metrics."

Microsoft could soon lead in local search and relevancy, Osmer said. Morepver, Microsoft will be using its own picture and video search technology rather than a third party's and will improve in those areas.

The new engine also will also have greater scope, including search, news search, RSS feeds, email search, local search and searching of MSN Shopping and MSN Spaces. is intended to replace

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