Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Your brain knows more than you think - India, UK, USA

Your brain knows more than you think - India, UK, USA

New York, Oct 25 : Clouds darkened the horizon, yet you went out without an umbrella because you forgot it -- but your brain had not and many of its neurons kept associating clouds with umbrellas even while you left home without one.

Neurobiologists at California's Salk Institute for Biological Studies have carried out experiments that prove for the first time that the brain remembers, even if we don't and the umbrella stays behind. They report their findings in the Oct 20 issue of Neuron. "For the first time, we can look at the brain activity of a rhesus monkey and infer what the animal knows," lead investigator Thomas D. Albright, director of the Vision Center Laboratory, was quoted as saying in a Salk Institute release. First author Adam Messinger compares it to subliminal knowledge: It is there, even if it doesn't enter our consciousness. "You know you've met the wife of your colleague but you can't recall her face," he said, giving an example.

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